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Writing a cover letter

Cover letter is one of the documents you need to send with your resume. Why? Because it is the only way to introduce yourself. This article was furnished by writer with the purpose to give you some ideas on how to make a cover letter.

How to make a resume cover letter

Cover letter should be no more than 250 words in length. If it is longer, the potential employer will not even finish reading it. If it is shorter, you will fail to provide vital information about yourself. The opening paragraph should state the purpose of your writing. Do not write something similar to this: “I am writing to you because I really need a job and I think that I am a good candidate.” This sentence would immediately kill the interest of employer in your application forever! You need to use the following format: “I learned about this opportunity through Central Recruiting Office”. Keep opening section as brief as possible, one or two sentences is more than enough.

The second paragraph should be devoted to your qualifications. This section is the longest part of your cover letter and should consist of approximately 100 words. Highlight only the most important and relevant experiences. Provide specific accomplishments and show how these specific examples have contributed to company success. Final paragraph should include the reference to enclosed documents. In addition, you need to state a polite request for interview. Do not forget to thank the reader for his consideration.

How to write a cover letter tips

  • Conduct a research on company and position
  • Avoid writing too long or too short letter
  • Do not use contractions and avoid words with negative meaning (for example, failed, did not manage, have not succeeded)
  • Make sure to use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Always sign the letter by hand
  • If submitted in print, use paper of good quality

How to make a cover letter: things to avoid and things to include

Things to Avoid Things to Include
  • sending resume without cover letter
  • using sexist salutation (for example, madam)
  • producing a boring introduction
  • using wordy phrases without meaning
  • stressing dependence on employer’s action
  • mistakes of all types
  • rehashing your resume
  • addressing a specific person
  • producing a new letter for every application
  • simple language and easy sentences
  • including qualifications relevant to position
  • telling how you can contribute to company
  • informing about your strengths
  • contact information

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