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Why hire a resume writing service and how does it help?

Landing a new job or securing a promotion gets tougher every year for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the possibilities of remote work made it possible for job seekers worldwide to apply for open positions. Therefore, you are now competing not only with candidates in your area, but also with talented global workforce. Secondly, companies massively use applicant tracking systems to filter out candidates who do not qualify.

Moreover, requirements imposed on a resume and cover letter are now stricter than 15 years ago. You are expected to showcase accomplishments, include high-priority information and cut off secondary facts, and straightforwardly market yourself. With so many difficulties involved in resume composition, even the perfectly qualified professionals struggle to draft a strong resume. was founded over a decade ago to help smart candidates with resume composition. We write professional resume and other documents one may need in the application process. If you're not satisfied with the document delivered to you, we keep reworking and polishing the document until you are. We don't guarantee interviews (and you should not believe anyone who does!), but our clients tell about a dramatic rise of interview calls and offers they receive. Let us tell what makes our resume writing services so special in the market.


our advantages our advantages

  • Writer composes the resume from the ground up, thus ensuring the originality of resume text and visual presentation;

  • Each professionally written resume is instruction-based, that is, the writer follows your directions and comments to create a copy you'll be satisfied with;

  • We incorporate an effective resume structure that combines the trajectory of your work experience and puts additional emphasis on hard and soft skills;

  • We partner with designers to develop designs that grab the reader's attention, and customize each design so that it highlights your professional value;

  • 2 weeks of free updates are provided with each professional resume writing order. We revise resumes for free provided that the revision instruction does not contradict the original one;

  • We are so confident in our resume writers that we offer refunds in case of non-delivery or poor quality of writing;

  • ATS optimization and tailoring are included in each package. Send us a link to a job posting, and the resume writer will promote the needed qualifications to help you get shorlisted;

  • All resumes come at a fixed price. You don't have to pay extra for number of pages, or if you need a manager or CEO resume, which provides for a significant economy comparing to our competitors.

What types of job-seekers do we help with resume writing services?

No matter how many years of experience you have, we help every job-seeker who need to make the right first impression on hiring managers:

  • College students and graduates who wish to get hired for their first entry-level job, or an internship with a reputable organization;

  • Experienced professionals looking to continue their current course of career, or those eager to earn a promotion or a higher pay;

  • C-level managers who are looking for professional resume writers to emphasize their high-profile accomplishments and leadership potential;

  • Professionals in the middle of career change who wish to translate their work experience to a completely different industry;

  • Military job-seekers who wish to make a transition to civilian job and want their skills and experience to be easily understood by a hiring manager;

  • People with employment gaps, unsteady work history or parents returning to workforce after having a baby.

Where to find a creditworthy resume writing help company?

Although resume agencies are aplenty online, it is not easy to find a trustworthy one. To avoid low-end organizations that will deliver you a poor product, pay attention to the signs as follows. Firstly, avoid suspiciously cheap professional resume writers. As a rule, cheap companies offer no original writing, but rather change of formatting of your current resume, or, what's worse, use the same template for all their clients. Secondly, avoid companies that work with overseas freelancers. Third-world freelancers rarely have qualifications to compose a persuasive resume for an American or European job-seeker.

Look up for customer reviews and testimonials, either on company site or independent reviews platforms. Reliable organizations will have at least a few comments from satisfied clients. And finally, take note of how well the website is designed. All sections of the website should work smoothly, and if some pages don't open correctly, this company might be as careless in the composition of your resume. In fact, you needn't browse the internet any longer - meets all the above criteria and is ready to impress you with the superior quality of writing. 98% of our customers gave us positive comments, and here's why:

  • Resume writing help at customer-friendly prices

    You can buy a resume on the internet across a very different price range, starting from $50 to $700 and above. Our company works 100% online, which allows us to keep prices affordable for every job-seeker while meeting the highest expectations of hiring managers. Moreover, when you pay hundreds of dollars for a resume, in most cases you pay for a brand or for additional services you might not need. Our agency allows you to customize your package choosing exactly the documents you want, so you don't ovepay a penny. Moreover, we offer a single fee for any type of resume, whether it's an entry level resume for an aspiring graduate or a solid application of a highly accomplished CFO.

  • Delivery on time under any circumstances

    Some companies will keep you waiting for a week or longer until your resume is done. During this time you can miss dozens of vacancies simply because you do not have a strong resume at hand. We offer our clients a 24-hour rush delivery option. We will deliver your resume by tomorrow so that you could apply early for that dream job posting or to hand it to your friend who can put in a word for you. If you're not in a hurry, stick to a longer deadline and save money.

    Speaking about saving, we offer lucrative discounts. Place your first order with us with 20% off and enjoy a great resume drafted by experts. And if you recommend us to friends, you can count on even bigger discounts. Contact us on chat for more.

  • It's simple to place and track your order

    Our clients are busy professionals, so we've estabilshed the writing process that requires minimal effort from your side. It takes 15 minutes to register and attach all necessary files. After that, you can sit back and relax. Our manager picks the writer who specializes in your industry and can complete your project best. Check the progress anytime with the writer directly or via support chat - we are available 24/7, even on national holidays. The finalized document is sent in DOC editable format to your email address. With our hassle-free process, you can focus on other activities completely while a strong resume is being prepared for you.

  • 100+ professional resume writers at your disposal

    It takes advanced writing skills, understanding of hiring mechanics and modern resume practices to compose a powerful document that can get you interviews. Before hiring someone to our team we make sure the writer is qualified enough to provide services at a sufficient level. Firstly, we only accept applicants with a BA or MA degree in a certain field of study. 1+ year of resume writing experience or a certification in resume writing field (for example, CPRW). Secondly, each applicant has to take timed English proficiency test and provide a sample resume. Therefore, we only accept the best of breed to join us, precisely, less than 10% of those who apply.

    A resume composed by an unprofessional person won't be of service in your job search. Our experts devote their knowledge of resume practices, time and conduct in-depth research to come up with the resume that truly makes a difference.

  • We communicate 24/7

    Some resume services you will come across online don't offer their customers many options to communicate. From practice we've learned that easy and fast communication leads to better customer experience. Moreover, we encourage customers to discuss their resume goals and requirements with the writer, as in this case they will better access your needs and craft the text that fully meets your demands. So, once you've placed a new resume order, you can talk to writer at any convenient time.

    In addition to client-writer communication we have a live chat that is open round the clock. No chatbots - you are served by our human support representative. If you want a free consultation or are not sure what service to choose, you are welcome to ask us anytime.

  • We guarantee satisfaction, or a free rewrite

    To provide our clients with the best quality of writing we have introduced rigorous quality control. Each text is checked by managers for meeting your requirements before delivery, and additionally corrected by proofreaders if you've chosen this option. We realize that sometimes it takes a few rounds of revision to create a perfect document. Therefore, we grant our clients with a 2-week revision period. The writer keeps working on the document and updating it as per your comments until you are happy with the resume's content and looks.

Resume writing help: the services we offer

  • Resume

    Your #1 tool to apply for jobs, internships, promotions, and more. Writer drafts exclusive content that effectively highlights your achievements and potential.

  • CV

    The primary application document for academic professionals, researchers, and those looking for a job overseas. Here, the writer will summarize the breadth of your research and teaching experience, as well as publications, grants and community involvement.

  • Cover letter

    Show your personality traits and motivation using a custom written letter. The writer will position you as an excellent fit for the role, helping you get shortlisted.

  • LinkedIn profile

    Boost your online presence with a professionally designed, keyword-rich LInkedIn profile. We will complete the profile in line with the resume so that it emphasizes the same relevant strengths.

  • Thank you note

    Display a perfect business etiquette with a laconic yet targeted thank you letter. 37% of recruiters reject candidates for not including such a letter, so don't miss your chance!

  • Interview tips

    First-hand career advice from our experts. Make sure that you're 100% interview-ready and know how to sell your qualifications best.

How do we write

How do we write professional resumes and cover letters?

Our approach in writing resumes is based on showing your unique value. Author revamps your old resume or creates a new one taking the following steps:

  • Pick the section order strategically. Sometimes it makes sense to put experience above the fold, and in other cases it's best to put education or skills into spotlight;

  • Craft a catchy summary. Career summary quickly introduces your biggest selling points to the reader, inspiring them to read the rest of your resume;

  • Pick a professional layout. We use only professional templates that present information in an engaging way, yet leaving enough white space so the document is easy to skim;

  • Write result-oriented statements. Employers are more interested in the outcomes of your work rather than daily duties, so the writer focuses on accomplishments and results in the first place;

  • Make it relevant. Resume targeting is the best way to pass the applicant software and get you noticed, so will include job-related information only;

  • Apply an eye-catching design. Whether it's an entry level resume on the one for a manager, it has to grasp attention in seconds. A customized professional design helps achieve just this.

Why custom resume writing beats a resume builder?

As many other job-seekers, you've probably tried online resume builders. Although such builders offer bright designs and help put a resume together, they aren't of much help in job search. They offer the same designs to everyone, so there is a chance that the hiring manager will receive a dozen of resumes that look exactly like yours. Secondly, they offer identical job description and skills to everyone, therefore, such a resume won't let you show your unique achievements and strengths. And finally, there are no consultant who could provide you with career advice or recommend how to better highlight skills and experience.

On the flip side, our resume expert provides one on one, personalized service. They write a resume from scratch exclusively for you and emphasize your selling points. Such an approach helps our clients get better results in their job search and boost interview calls!


  • Always rely on professional agencies when you need to make a strong resume. They can effectively pick the format, prioritize your career history and experience, and know the preferences of hiring managers. An unexperienced freelancer or a clerical agency cannot guarantee a good result.

  • It's better not to use free resume builders as they offer the same templates to everyone. If your resume looks exactly like those of other fellow job-seekers, you'll hardly make a strong first impression. It's better to hire a professional who can customize the content and looks for you.

  • Although some writers choose to get a CPRW or other industry certification, this is not necessary. If the writer has over one year of experience with resumes they already know the ins and out of the resume composition. All our writers are experienced and educated, know specific industry jargon and the peculiarities of the hiring process, which helps them deliver outstanding results to our clients.