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How to write a cover letter

What is a cover letter

Your application should always consist of two professional documents: resume and cover letter. As you already know resume is a marketing tool intended to sell your professional experience, qualifications, and skills. Cover letter is prepared with the purpose to adjust your application to specific job opportunity. In simple words, cover letters introduce you to potential employer, explain who you are and why you are applying for position. There are different types of cover letters and you should always keep in mind that writing a cover letter is an important step of successful employment search.

How to write a cover letter

Sales cover letter and career change cover letter differ from each in context and style. However, despite of the cover letter type, you need to include the following information: position you are applying for, how did you learn about the employment opportunity, and your qualifications related to open position. If you believe that sending out your resume without cover letter results in interview invitation, your job search will take longer than you expect. Cover letter for jobs is written to introduce you to a person who is your potential employer. It is not a mere sign of politeness, it gives you an opportunity to gain the interest of hiring authority.

How to make a cover letter

As cover letter writing services emphasize, cover letter is not the personal essays for sale, is not an autobiographical record, or narrative of your life. The reader will not spend more than 15 seconds reading. For this reason, cover letters have to be brief, simple, and to the point. Think about the position you apply for, and highlight only those professional qualities you possess which are highly relevant to employment opportunity. It is vital to keep in mind that cover letter and your resume have to be linked and written in tandem.

How to make a resume cover letter

You are strongly encouraged to follow the below tips from cover letter writing services:

  • Always include name and title of the specific individual you are addressing
  • Always open your writing with an explanation of how you learned about the position
  • Always include a short paragraph devoted to explanation of your interest in the position
  • Always write four to five sentences covering your qualifications and experience
  • Always conclude with a thank you note
  • Always proofread your writing for mistakes!!!

Cover letter help

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