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Impressing the hiring manager is much easier when you have a persuasive cover letter at hand. With 100+ experts on team, we provide every client with a powerful letter that enhances their job search.

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Why cover letter writing services can give you a competitive edge?

Hiring managers sift through hundreds of cover letters when searching for top talent. Yet, the majority of letters they receive fall short. Some display poor grammar and unprofessional writing; some sound like a candidate's biography, not a focused pitch for a job; and some clearly show that the candidate has no idea how to compose this letter whatsoever.

We at see our mission in helping great candidates get noticed through custom written, rigorously composed cover letters that are job-tailored. Even the best candidates make the same mistakes in writing.

Our career counselors understand demands of modern job market and come up with letters that exceed expectations and push your best feet forward, every time.

Resumes and letters composed by a resume writing service typically generate more interviews and help job-seekers get hired faster. Although we do not provide an interview guarantee - no cover letter services can promise that! - our clients report better results in their job search and more feedback from recruiters.

Professional cover letter writers: our advantages

  • Competent cover letter writers

    - we handpick experts with college degrees and 1+ year in resume writing. Each person takes multiple tests in English and resume writing to prove their proficiency. In this way, you can rest assured that your project is composed by a smart and intelligent professional, not a random freelancer.

  • Professional-looking templates

    - we partner with designers to develop attractive professional templates for every type of job-seeker. Your cover letter design is further customized by the writer so that the letter looks truly original and matches the style of your resume.

  • Free revisions

    - each resume and cover letter is subject to our unlimited 2-week guarantee. If you're not happy with the written cover letter, we will rewrite it per your suggestions. Note: the original instruction cannot be changed.

  • Ongoing customer support

    - our support reps are available 24/7 via live chat to give you a free consultation or handle a technical issue anytime. Also, you'll have a direct access to your writer so that you could discuss a professionally written document in detail.

  • Delivery on time

    - the best jobs often come with a sense of urgency. We respect your time and will deliver the order before deadline, even if it's 24 hours. In case of non-delivery or if the writer had failed to match your expectations you can claim a refund.

  • Individual approach to writing

    - no two career situations are the same, so the resume writer composes each document in line with your instructions, expectations posed by industry, and career goals. No templates or pre-written text; each document we provide is completely original and displays your unique value.

effective cover letters

We offer effective cover letters for every type of career

If you think that a cover letter is standard document for job-seekers of all ages and professions, think again. The best cover letter takes industry restrictions, current state of one's career, and long-term goals into account. Our cover letter writing service drafts letters for every type of career - even if you're changing industry for the third time or were unemployed in years:

  • ambitious students who wish to get noticed for their first 'real' job or an internship for a high-profile company;

  • experienced professionals who are looking for a better opportunity, an internal promotion, or wish to move to a managerial position;

  • C-level managers who need a cover letter service to emphasize their impressive accomplishments, promote personal brand and land the next lucrative, highly responsible role;

  • Career changers who wish to go freelance, completely change the industry or function and aren't sure about how to reflect an unmatching experience in their job application;

  • Professionals returning to workforce after a gap year, parental leave or a lengthy break;

  • People who have issues in their work history - for example, job-hopping, frequent changes of job types or industries, and more.

What are the cover letter writing mistakes that most candidates make?

  • Using a generic template from the internet.

    Although cover letters do have the same structure, the content should vary depending on the job description, candidate's individual strengths and abilities, and the industry. Copying someone's cover letter sample isn’t worth the effort and makes you look faceless.

  • Reiterating the resume content.

    Many great candidates make the mistake of repeating (or, what's worse, copying) their job duties and accomplishments from the resume. But this is not what cover letters are meant for. Its purpose is to align your strengths and personality with the job ad in a less formal, more persuasive way.

  • Being too narcissistic.

    It's great if you have a track record of academic awards, recognition and professional accomplishments. But remember that hiring managers have one questions on their mind: what's in it for the company? If the letter doesn't provide a clear answer, then a cover letter is likely to be rejected.

  • Not attaching a letter at all.

    According to the statistic, 59% of recruiters will reject a resume for not attaching a letter. Unless the job listing directly asks not to attach the letter, always submit one - either written on your own or by a cover letter writing service.

We provide effective cover letter services that help our clients succeed delivers custom written letters, with each letter drafted to meet individual goals of every job-seekers. Here's how we achieve this:

  • Apply the best cover letter structure. As a formal document, this type of letter has to comply with the standards of business writing. A well-developed structure makes our letter easy and convenient to read.

  • Make it concise. Short cover letters beat long ones. Our letters are typically 4-5 paragraphs in length as our career coaches only include information that is critical for the employer. For this reason our letters are also highly focused with each sentence delivering your professional value.

  • Adapted for applicant tracking systems. Just like the CV, letters often have to pass the computer selection. Send us the job posting, and we'll add valuable keywords to the text to help you get selected for the desired positions and make the right impression on a human manager.

  • Focus on accomplishmnets. Employers care most about the results you delivered, and they want hard numbers. The writers of our cover letter writing services specifically highligh the accomplishments to promote your candidacy right off the bat.

  • Showcase the personality. Facts are great, but the companies also want to reveal your motivation and working style to avoid the wrong hire. Our cover letter writing service will emphasize the needed personality traits and help to tell a holistic story about what makes you the right fit.

  • Spotless writing. Hiring managers dislike mistakes, vague writing, and poorly structured sentences. Our resume writers compose each document in flawless professional English. A perfectly written letter will also contribute to getting you noticed!

  • Reasonable prices. The cost does not depend on page count or how many hours the writer put in. You pay a single fee, no matter the complexity and length of the document.

  • We help with other documents, too. Our cover letter writing services can help with a resume, LinkedIN profile, and even career advice in the form of interview tips. We offer lucrative discount deals for all-inclusive packages.

Need a winning letter? Better call the experts

Although cover letter writing is quite a manageable task, a slight mistake in content or writing style can be quite costly. Each writer on our team has a BA or MA degree, is experienced with resumes, and specializes in a certain industry. This means we speak the same language with your target employers and understand their expectations. Don't waste a single second - receive the best cover letter you've had in your career history from our experts! All new clients are getting a 20% welcome discount.