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Sometimes simple courtesy makes all the difference. Make the lasting impression and maximize chances for a job by sending a polite letter to the interviewer.

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Why should every candidate send thank you letters?

If you think that follow-up letters after a job interview are out of fashion, think twice. Although no employer will formally require you to provide a letter, thank you letters matter for following reasons:

  • They show courtesy and appreciation. A job interview is a time-consuming process, so why not thank the person for their effort? Few interviewees bother to say thank you these days, so, by doing so, you will inevitably get noticed in a good way.

  • They show your eagerness to go an extra mile.Writing a punchy thank you letter takes time and energy. The sole fact that you made time for it points out that you're likely be as enthusiastic and go-getting when hired, career experts say.

  • They keep your chance for the job.According to one survey, 37% of recruiters reject candidates who didn't follow up. So, this seemingly plain gesture of courtesy can do nothing short of decisive for getting you hired.

  • They expose good business etiquette.Apart from appreciation, thank you notes display that you're aware of the rules of corporate etiquette and have strong interpersonal skills. This means you're likely to get on well with others and will be able to communicate well within the organization and with customers.

The elements of a successful thank you note

Thank you letter is a piece of business correspondence that can boost your odds for a job offer. Make sure it contains all the essential elements as follows:

  • The subject.

    Never leave the topic line of email messages blank! Here's a good example: "Thank you - Virtual Administrator"

  • The salutation.

    Since you've met the interviewer in person, it's acceptable to use their name in salutation.

  • Open with a greeting.

    Since the letter's purpose is to express appreciation, do this at the very beginning.

  • Express your interest.

    But don't blatantly write "I still want that job", but specify what moments of the conversation gave you confidence that you're the right fit.

  • Reiterate your strengths.

    Interviewers have to deal with many people, so it will do any harm if you repeat once again what your biggest strengths are and why they are valuable for the job. Address the specific moments during the interview, or mention what moments of conversation you enjoyed most, i.e. "I was particularly excited to hear about the launch of new product line the next year and I'm confident that my digital marketing skills would help you expand the market share".

  • Close professionally.

    Business emails can be closed with 'Regards' and your full name.

Writing of thank you letter

Entrust the writing of thank you letters to professionals

Although the composition of such letter type is seemingly simple, it's easy to make mistakes in it. Many candidates make this letter too informal and make the interviewer feel confused. Some, on the contrary, sound too formal and boring which can totally ruin a good impression they tried so hard to make. For this reason, it's best to rely on experienced resume writers who combine excellent writing skills and understanding of employers' demands.

We offer affordable and transparent prices for all resumes and letters. Our prices start at $28 only, with no hidden charges. Yet, if you wish to receive the best service possible, you can pay extra for the next day delivery or to have your documents double-checked by a PhD editor.

To provide you with best user experience, we've made the ordering process simple. Place your order, attach a resume and instructions, and describe how your most recent interview went. Or, we can create a basic letter you can later customize for every employer. We'll assign the writer who specializes in your industry. All thanks letters are delivered in editable DOCX format so you could adjust them for further job interviews.

Is your resume up to scratch?

Does the resume generate good results in your job search? If you’re not happy with the number of calls and emails from employers, consider getting a resume professionally rewritten. Our career counselors can update your old resume or to craft a good one. We will take care of displaying accomplishments appropriately, adding keywords and designing the document in a way that attracts attention. Don’t miss out – discounts on resume packages are available.

Should you send handwritten thank you notes?

In 2021, sending handwritten thank you letters is not necessary. A well-structured email message will be enough to communicate your gratitude and interest to the employer. It's best to keep your letter to 2-3 short paragraphs. No need to repeat the content from the resume or a cover letter.

When is the best moment to send a thank you note?

Business etiquette states that 24 hours after interview is an optimal time frame. In this case, you're still fresh in the person's mind. So, they're more likely to recollect you and appreciate this gesture. Use the same method of communication that you've been using with the person before. E-mail thank you notes are best, but if you communicated through LinkedIn, use this social network.

Why choose for career-related writing?

  • Competent writers.

    We are a team of 100+ resume writers, editors, and former hiring managers who understand the expectations of modern employers. Each writer has a Bachelor's degree or above and is trained in resume writing and keywording.

  • Unlimited revisions.

    We offer customers 2 weeks of free revisions for all writing orders. That is, if you believe that your resume or a thank you note could be improved, forward your suggestions to the writer and get the document fixed in no time.

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    In case you didn't get your order on time or the writer failed to meet your instructions, you can request a refund. You don't risk a penny when placing an order with our company!

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  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.

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