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Personal thank you letter

Personal thank you letter

Why to send a personal thank you letter? If you want to be perceived as a polite person aware of business etiquette, you need to send interview thank you letter. Sending a thank you letter after an interview gives you an additional advantage over other candidates. It is strongly encouraged to write an email interview thank you letter immediately after an interview. According to research, 20% of human resource managers will not hire a person who did not send a thank you letter after an interview. Interestingly, almost 30% of all respondents noted that hand-written letters were preferred over emailed. Thus, spend some time to prepare a personalized message to gratify interviewer for his time and to remind about yourself.

Many of us have been in situations when interview did not go well or when some misunderstanding occurred, or you forgot to tell some important information. Thank you letter is the best way to clear up misunderstandings and to re-emphasize your qualifications. In addition, an interviewer will get an impression that you are a caring person who pays attention to details. Thank you letter should be sent in following situations: after interview, when you were provided with assistance, and after a company visit. Promotion thank you letter is sent to a person who contributed to your promotion.

Writing tips

  • Keep it short and use simple language
  • Remind about yourself
  • Refer to specific interview points
  • No errors!
  • Send thank you letter on the same day when interview was conducted
  • Re-emphasize your strengths
  • Provide information you forgot to mention
  • Express interest and enthusiasm


First paragraph

  • Thank interviewer for his time
  • Remind your name and position of your interest

Second paragraph

  • State your continued interest
  • Comment on interview
  • Emphasize your strengths
  • Mention the most important interview points

Third paragraph

  • Thank interviewer for his time
  • Suggest further action
  • Remind about follow-up call
  • Provide your contact information

Thank you letter is a business document, not a mere statement of your gratitude! Do not write a lot, 200 words (10-15 clear and concise sentences) are more than enough). Be open and sincere. Always proofread your thank you letter prior to sending it! If you want to have an extra chance to get employment of your dreams, if you want to impress the interviewer, if you want to leave other applicants behind, if you want to be successful, order thank you letter writing service at We know how to write professional thank you letters which become your ticket to successful employment. Do not miss an opportunity to advance your career with our help!

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