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24 hours rush turnaround. 100+ editors who serve clients 24/7. Our experts understand what employers look for in a resume and deliver spotless proofreading and editing service to help you make the cut.

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Enhance your job application documents with pro editing services

40% of hiring managers review resumes for less than a minute. At the initial review they look for reasons NOT to hire you. Misspellings, typos or incorrect sentence structure often become this reason and your application goes to trash even if you're a great candidate! Precisely, poor grammar and punctuation are a turnoff for 59% of recruiters.

The purpose of our editing services is to align your CV to the standards of modern resume writing. We don't just fix spelling punctuation errors; we comprehensively improve the content, structure and looks of your job application. Our editors make sure that the document is not only error-free, but also serves its communicative purpose, that is, highlights your strengths and accomplishments for a dream job.

What are the advantages of our resume writing company?

  • Resume proofreading and editing services at a single fee - expert editors not only fix spelling errors but also improve the document structure, consistency, word choices and style, and all these services are included in a single editing quote.

  • Fixed price for any document length - when placing an order you pay a fixed price per resume or a cover letter, no matter the word count. Fees for our services are transparent - the prices advertised in pricing sections are final unless you choose additional services.

  • Native English editors from the US and UK - we handpick resume writers and editors with university degrees who are fluent in English language. You can rest assured that the person providing proofreading and editing is well aware of both resume standards and your industry.

  • Delivery of all documents on time - CV editors deliver each and every resume according to deadlines, even if it's 24 hours. If you need your order sooner, 12 hours deadline is negotiable. If we don't deliver all documents on time, or you believe the quality is substandard, you can claim a refund.

  • Effective templates - in addition to editing a document an editor also applies customized design and formatting that emphasizes your strengths. All designs are approved by HR managers and are already included in your fee.

  • Friendly customer support - support team is available 24/7, no days off. No chatbots - only human customer service reps who can give you a free consultation, help select the right type of service for your job applications or resolve a technical issue.

What exactly does our editing service entail?

  • Correction of grammar, punctuation, and style according to the standards of business English language;

  • Improvement of word choice, sentence structure and syntax to make the job application document easier to read and more persuasive for the employer;

  • Addition of strong action verbs to emphasize your experience and accomplishments to highlight your initiative and impact;

  • Enhancing of flow, coherence and readability so that the document makes a stellar overall impression;

  • Addition of relevant list of skills that serve as keywords and communicate your main areas of expertise at one glance;

  • Strengthening (or addition) of a Career Summary section at the top of your CV so that it serves as an elevator pitch and promptly markets you for the position;

  • Formatting and design in line with the best practices of resume writing. An editor applies reader-friendly formatting that catches the reader's eye;

  • Resume proofreading services are already included in your fee!

Other career services

What other career services are available? helps with all documents you may need during job application. In addition to actual resume proofreading, we check cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and thank-you notes after the interview. Turnaround times from 24 hours to 5 days are available. The editing process works similarly. Our expert not only fixes minor issues such as typos and capitalization, but also makes in-depth edits, improving an overall quality of content, readability and presentation.

Don't have a resume or a cover letter at all? No problem - our writing experts will write one for you from scratch. We staff writers from the US, UK and Canada, and each member of our team is dedicated to helping you obtain that dream job. We've found out that direct cooperation with an editor leads to higher customer satisfaction. That's why our proofreading services have introduced a collaborative approach. You can communicate with the writer or editor directly, discussing the changes that are being made and communicating your expectations.

Experienced editors and proofreaders on team

Our in-house editors have improved hundreds and thousands of job applications for clients across the US and beyond. As we've been providing proofreading services for over a decade, we've developed a clear understanding of what hiring managers expect to receive in a resume. We use the writing style and structure that makes recruiters in any field to pay attention to your experience and skills.

Each editor on our team has at least a Bachelor's degree, excellent proficiency of English and experience editing professional texts. We test every applicant who wishes to work with our site, therefore, we are 100% confident in the quality of services provided. Moreover, we keep an eye on your privacy. All personal information that is contained in your documents remains 100% confidential, and payments are safe thanks to special encryption system.

How to proofread a resume effectively?

To make sure that the resume is error-free, follow these suggestions:

  1. Put it aside for a few hours. Don't edit the document you've just written, as in this case, you're likely to skip most of errors. Return to it with fresh eyes, and the proofreading will be more effective.

  2. Read it aloud. This may seem unnecessary for you at first. But once you start reading out, you'll definitely spot awkward phrases, incomplete phrases and places that don't make sense. Reading aloud is one of the best ways to improve flow and readability.

  3. Use a spellchecker - but don't rely on it completely. Spell checking software can optimize your editing and save some time. But once you've ran the text through proofreader software, check it again by yourself to find the mistakes this software cannot find (for example, homophones).

  4. Mind the word count. You probably know that the optimal resume length is under 2 pages. But experts also recommend that you keep under 400 words per page. In this case, the document will be easy to look through for a hiring manager.

  5. Find a professional to review your work. Of course, you can ask a friend to proofread your work. However, it's only a resume editing professional who can evaluate the effectiveness of the document and make appropriate changes. This helps professionals at any level, from students to CEOs, land a desired interview.

Rely on expert editing services to get noticed

The quality of your resume directly impacts the number of job opportunities you'll get considered for, how many interview calls you will receive, and even the salary you'll be offered. Don't let mistakes and other shortcomings hold you back! Order professional editing with a special 20% discount off your first purchase.