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How to Write Hypnotic Resume

This article was written by our leading neurolinguist with the purpose to share with you some secrets of creating appealing resumes. If you want to know how one resume can subdue potential employer, similar to hypnosis, you will find this article interesting and informative

You need to know what you want

Prior to starting the new project, you need to have the clear picture of what you want to achieve.

What is your goal?

What are you objectives?

What specific reactions of the employer do you expect after he reads your resume?

What should be the result?

Emotional appeals to employer

The key assumption underneath hypnotic resume is that people are always concerned with something. Some thoughts never give us rest. You may be concerned with money, employment, children, friends, future, or anything else. Alternatively, you may think about the new movie you have not seen yet, about your health problems, about sex anything. Even now, while you are reading this article, your subconscious is preoccupied with some thought which distract you from reading. True?

Our professional resume writers have an interesting, even though not easy, task to gain the attention of the potential employer and distract him from his thoughts, concerns and problems. If the employer is not stirred up and is left in his own thoughts, every single word written in your resume will not impress him.

Thus, the main objective is to help the reader to leave his thoughts aside and devote all of his attention to your resume. Pictures, statistics, your accomplishments or pink ink may gain the interest of the potential employer, however, it is not enough to be invited to face-to-face interview. It is important that every word, every phrase and every sentence which attracted the reader first, is logically connected to the whole text. For example, the word FIRE! typed in red and used in the commercial will attract the attention of the view. However, if it is not related to product or service, the view will not see the sense in the whole commercial.

We developed another successful technique of influencing the decision of the potential employer. We strive to create the resume which becomes the solution to the problems of employer. For example, if the employer seeks the person who can double the sales volume, your resume should include the information about your profound abilities to sell and attract new customers. Inform your reader about the solutions to their problems and you will immediately gain their full attention. Ask yourself the questions:

What does my potential employer need?

Or what is he thinking about?

Employers, for whom your resume is written, do have problems, concerns and needs. You need to focus on their thoughts to gain the interest.

It is the fact that all people are guided by emotions in the first place. The recent studies indicate that we make decisions based on emotions and, only secondly we try to explain our choice rationally. If your resume is emotionally appealing, you gain the interest on subconscious level. If you succeed, your

Give the employer what he wants to receive

What does your employer want?

Definitely, he wants to find the real solution to his real problems. They are not concerned with the methods; they are focused on the goal: the solution of the problem. First, you need to state the fact and then explain why this information is important for the potential employer.

The potential employer who is reading your resume, wants the same as other employer do: to be successful in business. Can you assist him on his way to success? Can you help them to make their dream come true? Think about the gains the employer seeks, not about the cause why he should hire you. People pay for the final result not for ability to increase the sales, but for the real increased sales volume. Do not forget about this. It is extremely important.

Colorful Descriptions

Surveys prove that people think figuratively. Your resume should describe you vividly and in detail. Tell your employer what they will sense and feel if they hire you. Draw the picture of yourself, let the employer imagine you being already the member of his team.

The secret of this method is that the reader will understand what benefits he receives while hiring you. Let him feel these benefits while reading your resume.

Remind the employer about his problems. Do not forget to appeal emotionally. The sales volume is not increasing? Hire me and I will double the sales volume. According to psychologists, fear is the strongest emotion which motivates the action. The fear to lose the opportunity to benefit from something is stronger than the desire benefit. It does not mean that your resume should scare the reader. However, your resume should create the fear of losing you as the potential employee. Remind the reader of your resume that he has the problem and you have the solution.

If you follow the above advises, think about the employer and his problems, talk with him on his language and offer the solution, your resume will not leave the reader indifferent. In this way your resume becomes persuasive and, as it was already noted in the beginning of the article, hypnotic.

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